Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Jewerly

Here are a few of my earrings you can buy and they are all five dollars each and i made them all so go to the contact me and you will find how to contact me to buy them



  1. These are all lovely, Abigail! You are so very talented, girl! And you've been busy. If you get this in time, can you bring a couple pairs on Thursday? I'd like to see (from the bottom going up) the first set (two beads, one turquoise and the other navy)and the next set up (white rings and black bead inside.) Great job!

  2. Thank you...yes i will bring them on thursday...
    thank you and if you would like me to i will bring a case for you to carry them in!! ( if you buy them hehhehehehe)!!

  3. abigail those are so cute if i wasn't raising money for camp i would sooooo bye some!! maybe after camp??

  4. ok...yeah i totally understand!!! HAHHA!! other people will though!!